The Trading Card community online needs a central hub, Cardcodex is that hub. 

Built on open source software, Cardcodex is your place to collate your info, interests, links and updates as a Trading Card enthusiast.  Add links to your sales elsewhere, show off your favourite cards from your Instagram account or list your cards for sale.

We are based in New Zealand and will be focusing on the local trading card community but all collectors are welcome from across the world!

Trading Card transactions can be difficult through other social media sites, Cardcodex lets you build a reputation as a seller and creates transparency on transactions.

Verify your account to add another layer of transparency and be involved in the community to enhance your reputability. 

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We don’t want to take away from your other trading card platforms!  Simply use Cardcodex as another resource to connect with other hobbyists and learn more about the hobby.  Feel free to add links to sales on other platforms.

Cardcodex is not just about transactions either!  We want to build a community that encourages newbies in the hobby, upload your new collection, it doesn’t matter what value the cards are, if you like them, put them up for others to see.  Seek advice in our Discussions section, or research through the Resources page.  

Card education is key for Cardcodex.  That’s why we are building a Card Wiki, an informative section on all things trading cards.  Contributors can add to the historical record of cards.

We have organised Cardcodex into sections which you can access from the Main Menu. 

Have a browse through the site and check them all out, you can utilize once specific area or use them all, totally up to you on how you want to use Cardcodex to your advantage.

Now for a bit of background on the creators of Cardcodex:


In the halcyon days of the early 1990’s, I was an avid purchaser of NRL (or ARL as it was then) and Cricket cards.  During the week I would do every chore I could to save up $5 for my pack of cards, always wishing for a special insert card or one of my favourite players.  Fast forward to school years and I quickly learnt that cards were not in vogue any more!!!

Sometimes life comes full circle and here I am again, searching out cards, preferably ones that make me feel young again!


My earliest memory of collecting cards was my Granddad buying me the old WWF (now WWE) cards that used to come with a stick of bubblegum. This would’ve been around 1990-91. A couple of years later, I got into basketball and NBA cards in particular, but also some rugby league cards too.I stopped a couple of years later though. I never got into the cards that trended in the years in between (Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon etc) but always found myself collecting something (Ninja Turtles figurines, those old Looney Tunes Pogs, Funko Pops) so it’s only natural that I’d get back into the card game eventually. Now, I’m after all the Charlotte Hornets cards as well as a plethora of past and current players I like.


I started collecting Regina NSWRL cards back around 1991-92 when my old man would buy me a pack for doing my chores.  You got a stick of pink bubblegum along with about 10 cards from the Winfield Cup days.  That got me started and not long after I discovered big plastic repacks of early 90s NBA cards from an upcoming retail store, The Warehouse.  These packs had about 50 cards for around the $4 mark.  The third stage of collecting cards as a kid was Fleer Ultra X-Men both 1994 & 95 and a bit of Marvel Metal and Marvel Masterpieces when I could find them.  Once I hit high school it was game over for card collecting.

Buying some Pokemon and NRL cards around 2013-14 for my nephews drew myself back into the hobby, leading to searching Trademe listings around 2018.  That was it, back in the game!


Cardcodex will continually be updating and developing components of the website.

Here are some elements we want to add in the near future.

Feedback system for transactions

Upgrading listings

Push Notifications for Desktop & Mobile

App development

Please contact us at cardcodexnz@gmail.com with any queries 

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