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1997-98 Skybox Metal Universe Basketball
The smaller 125-card base set combines player images with a celestial-themed background to make for some wild cards. The checklist is led by rookie cards for Tim Duncan and Tracy McGrady as well as base cards for the top players of the decade, including Michael Jordan.  Precious Metal Gems, or PMG, parallels are easily distinguished from the base cards due to the colorful foil and serial numbering. The entire print run for each player is 100 cards, but that total is split between two different versions. The first 10 copies in the numbering feature green foil, while the remaining 90 include red foil. Only 123 cards are covered in the parallel, as the checklist cards (#124 and #125) are left o


90s Bball Cards
90s Bball Cards Youtube ChannelAbout:Here at 90s_BBall_Cards we are all about the golden era of card collecting and 90s Nostalgia❗️ Come relive the magic of the 90s while we bust open packs and share cards from this time. New to collecting or just picking it back up? Learn what’s new in the hobby and what makes 90s cards so great! We focus on 🏀 but stay tuned for some ⚾️&🏈 fun as well.  


About the Cards
A hopefully smart and insightful podcast discussing trading card collecting. A podcast by collectors for collectors  Follow us on Twitter: @AboutTheCards Hosts: @OurTradingCards @JunkWaxTwins @Bigshep79 Sponsors @TBSSportsCards


Cardboard Chronicles
Cardboard Chronicles About: Cardboard Chronicles is a channel dedicated to the sports card hobby and all the unique collectors that make it up. The most interesting part of the hobby to me are the collectors and their stories. I'll discuss various topics around the hobby with other collectors each week. We'll talk about why they collect what they do and the cards they're passionate about. Of course we'll also show off some of the hobby's rarest and most unique cards. I'll also drop short videos on tips I've discovered during my time in the hobby. If you'd like to learn more about the hobby please check out where you can learn how to build collections like the ones you s
Card Ladder is the 21st Century price guide, Billboard Top 100, Wikipedia, and market analysis tool for sports cards.Features video from Sports Card Culture and the Crossover.
Chasing refers to collecting, looking for or hunting a particular card, cards, set, player or team. A chase card is a particular card a collector is after.  These are normally PC (Personal Collection) cards.
Comeback Card Investor
How do you make money investing in sports cards? The same way you make money investing in anything else....with a sound strategy and a set of principles to follow. The sad truth is that a lot of people entering this hobby will end up losing a lot of money. Their luck will run out, the market will turn, and they will be left over-leveraged...but not us! As a Certified Finance Coach, real estate investor, and debt-free minimalist, my mission is to share with you the investing mindset that billionaires such as Warren Buffett and Ray Dalio teach as well as the most proven and powerful personal finance principles that experts such as Dave Ramsey and Robert Kiyosaki preach and apply it to sports c


Fractional ownership allows many people to share ownership in one trading card. People can purchase ownership shares of high-end  sports memorabilia, giving them fractional ownership of that card. There are different rules set within each platform.  Some platforms that provide fractional ownership are: - Collectable - Atticcapital - Dibbs


Card grading is the practice of submitting a trading card to a third-party service. The card is inspected for authenticity and ranked, usually on a 10-point scale, for the condition. The card is then assigned an overall grade, sealed in a tamper-proof holder and, finally, assigned a cataloged serial number. The benefits of card grading include indisputable provenance of authenticity, no subjective condition assignments and an accountability system through an online database. All of these factors combine to, more often than not, increase the value of the card when compared to an ungraded card in equal or similar condition. Source: Cardboard Connection
Group Break Checklists Welcome to GROUP BREAK CHECKLISTS, a leading source for your entire sports cards group breaking needs! We're making it easier for collectors to navigate through the trading cards industry by providing all the necessary tools. Whether you’re a baseball cards hobbyist, football cards lover, basketball cards fan, hockey cards enthusiast or a little bit of everything, our comprehensive database has it all. GBC gives you access to information on trading card sets, the number of hits, cheat sheets and sortable checklists. Browse, compare, and find your favorite sports cards.


NBA Hoops 2020-21
The base set is divided into three parts. Veterans make up the first. Rookies, appearing on their first traditionally packaged NBA cards, are another major draw. Finally, there’s Hoops Tribute, which throws things back to the 1990-91 design. Parallels come in several levels, some of which are exclusive to certain configurations. As far as print runs go, parallels are numbered as low as 1/1. Hot Signatures, which includes vets and retired stars, and Hot Rookies Signatures are among the autographs available in hobby packs. Red Hot versions have added rarity with 25 copies each. NBA Art Signatures feature on-card autographs with some of the key draft picks among the signers. Rookie Ink is an
2020-21 Panini Prizm Basketball Base / Inserts Seemingly changing very little year to year, the 2020-21 Panini Prizm Basketball base set works in Hobby-only Gold (#/10) and Black (1/1) parallels for all 300 cards. Other exclusives include Mojo and Black Gold. FOTL (1st Off the Line) boxes promise exclusive Shimmer Prizms. In addition to multiple Fast Break Disco parallels (Blue, Red, Purple, Pink, Bronze and Neon Green), there are exclusive Fast Break Rookie Variations. On the insert front, look for Downtown Bound, Fearless, Fireworks and Widescreen. Another choice is the all-new Prizm Flashback, which pays tribute to the initial 2012-13 Prizm NBA design with a 15-card set. Hobby-exclus

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