Rules & Guidelines

Please use Cardcodex by following the rules set below. Please be thorough in reading and understanding the rules. Any violations of the rules will result in disciplinary actions.

The aim of Cardcodex is to have fun by building a great trading card community and hub.  People that break the rules will not be tolerated and will be banned.

No Auctions or Razzes (Raffles)

Strictly no Auctions or Razzes in the Marketplace or timeline.  

Links to sales, auctions or razzes in other platforms or sites is completely fine.  These can be placed in your timeline, groups etc..


To sell a card, list it in the Card Marketplace only.  

You must have “Trader”Membership to sell on Cardcodex. Currently you must reach a Reputation level of 200 points to become a seller.   (This may change in the future).  This helps reduce the amount of spammers and scammers by making users get involved with the community first, before being able to sell.

Please describe your card in the most accurate way possible.  This includes information such as year, set, numbered etc. along with any damage or defects.

Selling of packs, boxes and supplies is permitted.

Add any extra info about your card in the fields provided and must include a photo.

Card(s) must be in your possession when listed.

Card(s) must be individually penny sleeved.

Comps are encouraged especially on cards worth over $50. Comparable prices can be found on  These are recommended but not essential in your listing.

Currency and shipping costs are compulsory.

When a card has been sold, please comment and tag who it was sold to.  The seller must make contact with the buyer within 24 hours, unless the buyer has first.

Any disagreements must be sent to a moderator or admin, please provide screenshots where possible.

Pricing listings at very high or extreme prices will be asked to be removed at Admin's discretion.


Please follow these steps in packaging:

1. Sleeve card(s) with penny sleeve(s)

2. Topload card(s)

3. Tape top of toploader with builders tape

4. Fit card(s) into team bag & seal.

5. Bubble wrap so all team bags are covered

6. Fit cardboard around bubble wrap then into the final post bag.

7. Take a photo or note tracking number.

8. Deliver and communicate details to buyer

Here is a link to a useful video on packaging: (Credit: NBATCNZ)


Tracking is compulsory.  Provide the buyer with the tracking number via DM as soon as possible and when you will ship.

Be specific in your shipping costs and where you are willing to send to.

Any known delays of shipping must be advertised in the post.  Once a transaction has been completed, cards must be shipped within 3 business days of receiving payment.

Please do not Ship, until full payment has been received.

Combining purchases with one buyer is recommended and will help you sell your cards.


Comment “SOLD” in the card’s comment section to purchase the card.  

Do not delete “SOLD” comments from listings.  If you have made a mistake please let the seller and moderators/admin know.

Please ask any questions first of the seller if you are not sure of something about the card.

Do your research first!  The onus is on you as a buyer, ask the community for help.  Researching recent sales on and listings on and is highly recommended.

Communicate with the seller within 24 hours if the seller has not made contact first.  

Please provide your delivery address and specify any tracking requirements.


Trades are encouraged!

Please use the Trade section in Discussions here:

State what you are willing to trade along with a photo and please assign a value to your card or cards.  Trade Value is essential.


Trading cards are the primary focus of the network, other topics are fine but continual spamming of other topics will result in a warning.

Please report misleading, suspicious and harmful activity to moderators and/or admins.

No Fishing.  “Fishing”is posting a photo with a general statement asking for interest with no price or Trade Value.  Please post a price in the marketplace, use a trade value or ask for advice in the discussions section.

Communicate.  If something out of the ordinary happens during a transaction, let the other party know about it, work something out.  If this doesn’t happen please contact admin as soon as possible.

Help out newcomers to the hobby, we all make mistakes, point them in the right direction or give some advice.

Have fun!


The site will basically run under a “two strikes, you’re out” system. Details below on what each level entails.  Broken into warnings, with two warnings equaling a strike, then strikes, with one strike equaling a week-long suspension, and two strikes resulting in a permanent ban. Finally, a permanent ban is exactly what it says it is, and two strikes or a select few incidents will result in this. 

Please note the level at which these infractions are situated could change and new things can be added or removed at our discretion.


Warnings are given for a minor infraction. These include:

Not responding in a timely manner after buying or selling something, not paying or sending goods in a timely manner, packaging not following the recommended setup, not providing a tracking number when posting.


A strike is more serious than a warning. One strike leads to a week-long suspension. A second strike leads to a permanent ban from the site. Actions that can lead to a strike include:

Repeated infractions that warnings are given for, sending something so poorly it is damaged in transit, not paying for something or sending something after receiving a word from Admins. 


We want to create a place where people feel safe to buy or sell. So while a permanent ban may feel extreme, it is something that, if people keep getting infringements, we will do if need be. Apart from the two strikes, there are only a couple of ways to receive a permanent ban. These include:

Scamming or attempting to scam someone, hate speech of any kind.

The Trading Card Network