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Jason Snelling Rookie Auto /999

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Atlanta Falcons

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Seen some really mixed thoughts about the release this year.  Some people have loved it, some hate it.
AND there has been a lot available, even more than .

Personally I like the look of the base set better than Hoops, the inserts are better also (except for the Slam set!) Now I'm not saying they are the best out, far from it. But they look nice for a low end set.

What are your thoughts?

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Heres the Cardboard Connection link for the checklist:

    • I've only opened 1 blaster and it was very average. Best card was a Draymond jersey. Some nice lasers in the product as always though 

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      • What auto/jersey card did you get?

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      • Have yet to receive my packs so am curious to see what I get. There has been a lot of complaining about lack of hits, moreso than any other release I've seen. I really dig the base sets, but the inserts are quite disappointing.

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