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My collection of Pistons autos.  Growing slowly but surely, Stuckey was the first auto I got

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Sports Trading Cards in New Zealand

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Upcoming Releases

30th March

2020-21 Upper Deck Premier Hockey Cards

On-card autographs and premium patches collide in 2020-21 Upper Deck Premier Hockey.

Every box has four hits and at least one is an acetate autographed patch card. The remaining three hits can be autographs and/or relics. This is a slight change from last year, which had an expected output of two autographs and two relics per box.

1st April

2021 Clearly Donruss Football

Working in 50 veterans alongside 50 Rated Rookie cards, the main acetate set for 2021 Clearly Donruss Football totals 100 subjects. Eight cards from each subset should appear in every box. 

6th April

2021-22 Panini Prizm Draft Picks Basketball Cards

2022 Panini Prizm WWE Wrestling 

2021 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Trading Cards

One of the most offbeat sets every year, 2021 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions touches on many different collecting interests in one all-encompassing brand.

Featuring top athletes, historical and celebrity figures, animals, and more, Goodwin Champions is a part multi-sport and part entertainment/historical product.

In terms of the expected box contents, there is a change compared to last year. Each Hobby box should have at least two hits that can be autographs, relics, patches, memorabilia, lenticular and/or special inserts. The 2020 version averaged three hits per box.


Fanatics Adds WWE to Trading Card Lair

Five months ago, Panini America and WWE announced a new multi-year trading card deal, snaring the license from Topps. Before the first Panini-branded product hits the market comes news that the rights are on the move again.

Early Monday, Fanatics announced that it would be adding wrestling to its sweeping takeover of much of the sports card market.  Fanatics, which bought Topps in early January, will eventually produce WWE cards under the Topps brand once Panini’s deal expires “over the next few years,” according to a press release.

Read more at....

Reaction to the Biggest Break of All Time (supposedly)

Some stuff to think about.....

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Upcoming Releases

Just a few products releasing over the next fortnight, UFC Prizm being a standout.  Thanks to Cardboard Connection for the Checklists.

16th March

- 2022 Donruss Racing NASCAR

- 2021 Panini Limited Football

23rd March

- 2022 Panini Prizm UFC MMA

Featuring horizontal and vertical layouts for some of the top MMA fighters, the base set for 2022 Panini Prizm UFC boasts "an abundance of colorful Prizm parallels that feature the best UFC fighters of yesterday, today and tomorrow. 

Hobby Configuration: 12 cards per pack, 12 packs per box, 12 boxes per case

2022 Panini Prizm UFC Hobby Box Break Average

  • 2 Autographs
  • 22 Prizms
  • 12 Inserts

2022 Panini Prizm UFC FOTL Box Break Average

  • 2 Autographs
  • 2 FOTL Prizms (#/7 or less)
  • 22 Prizms
  • 12 Inserts


eBay Plans to Open Vault for Cards, Hints at Fractional Market, Live Breaks

You can add eBay to the list of collectible dealers to open a physical vault and marketplace.

During an “Investor Day” presentation, the Northern California-based company said it will open a 31,000-square-foot, secure storage facility for trading cards and collectibles sometime in the next few months.

Collectors will be able to store their items in the vault and offer them for sale with ownership transferring from seller to buyer “in a matter of seconds.”

Read more at...

Card Ladder Headlines:

Here's some new basketball Origins getting ripped!

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Upcoming Releases

Lots of different products set to come out over the next couple of weeks:

2nd March 

- 2021-22 Upper Deck Series 1 Hockey

9th March 

-  2021 Panini Contenders Football

-  2021-22 Panini Prizm Premier League Soccer

-  2021 Topps Chrome Formula 1 Racing

11th March

- 2021-22 Panini Origins Basketball 

- 2021 Panini Playbook Football

- 2021 Topps Finest WWE Wrestling

2021-22 Donruss Basketball has just been released, reloading with the next batch of rookie talent, look for two hits per Hobby box (one autograph and one relic) along with 60 inserts/parallels.  As many collectors are aware, Donruss NBA is best known for the Rated Rookie line. Naturally, 2021-22 Donruss Basketball offers the top first-year names in the base set.

Hobby-only inserts include Craftsmen, Crunch Time, Duos, Production Line, and Retro Series.  The comic-styled Net Marvels is also exclusive to Hobby boxes.  Due to a production error, all base Net Marvels cards display "Press Proof" in white and utilize silver foil in the design. The actual Press Proof parallels feature different colored foil and ink colors. 

Release Date: February 25, 2022
Hobby Configuration: 30 cards per pack, 10 packs per box, 10 boxes per case

2021-22 Donruss Basketball Hobby Box Break Average

  • 1 Autograph and 1 Relic
  • 60 Inserts / Parallels

2021-22 Donruss Basketball Hobby Choice Box Break Average

10 cards per pack. 1 pack per box. 20 boxes per case.

  • 2 Autographs
  • 3 Exclusive Parallels
  • 5 Exclusive Rated Rookie Cards

Thanks to for the up to date information.


PSA Expansion

When Nat Turner stepped into his new role as CEO of PSA’s parent company, he indicated a strong desire to increase the company’s physical presence beyond Southern California and another, smaller office in New Jersey.  The first step in that process is now underway.

Collectors Holdings and Veris Residential, Inc. owner of an office complex in Jersey City, NJ have signed a long-term lease for approximately 130,000 square feet of office space there.  The new facility is aimed at expanding PSA’s authentication and grading services of trading cards, tickets, autographs and other items.

Read more at..

New ABA Card Packs Honor League’s Top 30 Players

The Dropping Dimes Foundation and Lana Sports have released a new set of cards honoring the top 30 players in the history of the American Basketball Association and to put a set together you’ll have to open wax packs.

The specially created 10-card packs even come with a stick of bubble gum (wrapped in its own pack to protect the cards).

Here's a video to check out with some relevant topics in the hobby, (not a big fan of SCI but I like the discussion here - Carl)

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Here we go for Cardcodex's fourth break featuring two 2020-21 Recon Hobby Boxes and will throw in a Select 2020-21 Blaster!  


Some really cool Inserts in this one, including Future Legends and Rookie Review, with one of the better base card sets to boot, Recon is a really nice product.

Thanks to all that have jumped in the three breaks so far and hopefully you join in again!


Details in infographic below:

Please comment with what team you want in this post below to claim a spot, 30  teams in total, no limit for number of spots.

Please make payment to account below and use name and Break Number as a reference:
Sportcodex Ltd. ASB 12-3115-0229538-00

For more information about how our Breaks work along with shipping etc, please follow this link:

The easiest way to view the break is by joining our Facebook group: Sportcodex Community


1. Atlanta Hawks $29

2. Boston Celtics $29

3. Brooklyn Nets $23

4. Charlotte Hornets $166

5. Chicago Bulls $29

6. Cleveland Cavaliers $23

7. Dallas Mavericks $57

8. Denver Nuggets $23

9. Detroit Pistons $34

10. Golden State Warriors $63

11. Houston Rockets $14

12. Indiana Pacers $12

14. Los Angeles Clippers $17

15. Los Angeles Lakers $63

16. Memphis Grizzlies $46

17. Miami Heat $23

18. Milwaukee Bucks $23

19. Minnesota Timberwolves $115

20. New Orleans Pelicans $46

21. New York Knicks $39

22. Oklahoma City Thunder $29

23. Orlando Magic $34

24. Philadelphia 76ers $34

25. Phoenix Suns $23

26. Portland Trail Blazers $19

27. Sacramento Kings $46

28. San Antonio Spurs $23

29. Toronto Raptors $19

30. Washington Wizards $23

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Upcoming Releases

2021-22 Score Premier League Soccer - 16th Feb

Making its standalone EPL debut, 2021-22 Score Premier League features the stars of the English league via the familiar Panini brand.  The new release is exclusive to the United Kingdom.  In addition, the Retail boxes contain five Red parallels and three numbered parallels, while Fat Pack boxes offer 20 parallels along with four numbered parallels.  The inserts combine to fall 12 per box, so at least one per pack for Retail. The Fat Pack format contains two inserts per pack.  Case-hit inserts include 3D, Game Face and Intergalactic.  As for the hits, autographs average 1:5 Retail boxes.

2022 Topps Series 1 Baseball Cards - 16th Feb

The flagship release is always a hobby favorite and 2022 Topps Series 1 Baseball adds to the legacy of the long-running brand.  Of course, with the new edition comes another flagship design.  Fans can look for Series 2 MLB later in the year.

2021-22 Donruss Elite Basketball - 18th Feb

The 2021-22 Donruss Elite Basketball checklist starts with a base set highlighting top NBA stars and rookies. The base cards for first-year players fall two per box.  Hobby boxes average two autographs along with multiple inserts and parallels. 



To be a Superbowl winning Quarterback is the ultimate achievement inAmerican football. Cardboard Connection goes over the Rookie cards for both Joe Burrow and Matthew Stafford.



CSG provides Population Reports

Five months after launching its Set Registry, CSG has opened its online population report, providing an up-to-date catalog of all of the sports cards that have been graded by the company.

As is the case with other grading company pop reports, collectors can use the report to determine the relative rarity of a card in a particular  grade, either by using the search functionality to look up a specific sports card, card number, manufacturer or set name, or by browsing the CSG Population Report’s sports card more at 

Million Dollar Pele: Rookie Card Sets New Record

Forty-five years after his last game, one of Pele’s highest graded rookie cards from a 1958 Swedish issue has been sold privately for a record price.

Card Update after Trade Deadline Moves

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Sports Cards Wrap Up Jan 29th 2022

Upcoming Releases

2021 Playoff Football - Plain and simple as always with Playoff.  Hobby boxes feature two autographs and one relic as well as 12 inserts.  You can also chase the Contenders Rookie Ticket Preview (#/23) cards. These offer an early look at the main Rookie Ticket design, very desirable for NFL collectors.

Hobby News

eBay Unveils Authenticity Guarantee Service for Ungraded Cards

Collectors wanting a little more peace of mind when considering the purchase of a higher cost, ungraded trading card are getting a little free help from eBay and one of the hobby’s authentication firms.

On Tuesday, eBay announced the launch of its Authenticity Guarantee service for trading cards. Single ungraded cards that sell for more than $750 either via auction or straight purchase will have to be sent in to be authenticated before the card is delivered to the buyer.  eBay said that by midyear it hopes to include graded, autograph and patch cards that sell for more than $250....

Big Card Sales via Cardladder

1969 Topps Wilt Chamberlain PSA 9 sold for $276,000 USD via PWCC, previous sale was for only $42,267 in March 2021, view more big sales here

2021-22 Topps Now OTE Overtime Elite Basketball

The first part of Topps' exclusive with Overtime Elite (OTE), 2021-22 Topps Now Overtime Elite Basketball sees the long-running card company return to basketball cards for the first time in several years.

"Overtime Elite, OTE (pronounced Oh-Tee-E), is a transformative new sports league that offers the world’s most talented young basketball players a better pathway to becoming professional athletes. The league offers a year-round development program combining world-class coaching, cutting-edge sports science and performance technologies, top-notch facilities, and a rigorous, highly personalized academic program that energizes and enhances each athlete’s journey from proficiency to pro for the next generation of athlete empowerment."

In addition to the print-to-order Topps Now OTE cards, Topps also announced that 2021-22 Topps Chrome Overtime Elite Basketball and 2021-22 Topps Inception Overtime Elite Basketball sets are slated for release later in the season. These are standard Hobby/Retail products.

Read more here:

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Upcoming Releases

2020-21 Flawless Basketball - If you want high end, Flawless is right up there.  Always a clean design with a lot of white background to get those nice highlight autos.  10 cards per box with 8 autos guaranteed.

2021 Immaculate College Football - Another high end product (but you can get in cheaper with the non pro unis in this one).  Immaculate never fails IMO, plenty of autos along with patches, tags and RPAs.  6 cards per box with 5 guaranteed hits.

Hobby News

Clearly Donruss coming in NFL

The season will be over and eyes will be turned toward the upcoming NFL Draft, but the collecting doesn’t stop once the Super Bowl champs are crowned.  In fact, at least one brand will make its debut as a standalone product.  Panini is set to roll out 2021 Clearly Donruss Football, with a planned release date of March 23….read more from

Logan Paul gets some GI Joe cards

Many people online posted their doubts of the boxes’ authenticity back in December when Paul posted pictures of the purchase. According to other collectors, the box didn’t resemble those of the same edition, leading Paul to head to the BBCE for authentication in the first place….

Giannis sues Leaf

The 27-year-old two-time NBA MVP is suing Leaf Trading Cards LLC in federal court on Monday in the Southern District of New York for trademark infringement via unauthorized use of his world-famous “Greek Freak” nickname, per attorney Josh Gerben of Gerben Intellectual Property.

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Here we go for Cardcodex's third break featuring a Court Kings 2020-21 Blaster this time!  We also have a Chronicles 19-20 Mega Box with 100 cards and a TMall Edition Totally Certified box to crack open.

A massive congrats to Jared Priest for hitting the LaMelo Ball Aurora Insert in the second break, such a great looking and rare card of last year's Rookie of the Year.

Thanks to all that have jumped in the two breaks so far and hopefully you join in again!

Details in infographic below:


Please comment in this post below to claim a spot, 30 random teams in total, no limit for number of spots.

Please make payment to account below and use name and Break Number as a reference:
Sportcodex Ltd. ASB 12-3115-0229538-00

For more information about how our Breaks work along with shipping etc, please follow this link:

The easiest way to view the break is by joining our Facebook group: Sportcodex Community

Spot List:

1. Alyssa Sinclair 

2. Ricky Tippett  

3. Ricky Tippett 

4. Dylan Claxton 

5. Jared Priest 

6. Jared Priest

7. Jamie Taylor 

8. Jared Priest 

9. Jared Priest

10. Reuben Keeling 

11. Dan Davies

12. Jared Priest

13. Jared Priest

14. Jared Priest 

15. Marney Rennie 

16. Alyssa Sinclair 

17. Jared Priest

18. Alyssa Sinclair 

19. Jamie Taylor

20. James Robinson

21. Scott Van Den Bosch

22. Jamie Taylor 

23. Dan Davies

24. Jared Priest

25. Marney Rennie 

26.  Tamara Joseph

27. Jared Priest

28. Jamie Taylor

29. James Robinson 

30. James Robinson 

    • 4 spots remaining! 

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      • 3 spots left

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        • 2 to go!

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          • 1 spot left 💥

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            • And Break is full! Thanks for grabbing a spot or multiple spots!

              Ayden Dugmore will keep everyone updated here and on the site when he plans to break. Il post account details below, please add your name and Break 3 as a reference

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              Here we go for Cardcodex's second break featuring a Court Kings 2020-21 Hobby Box!  Thanks to all that participated in the first break, it was a tough Status box to open for our first break so let's hope we can make up with some good hits in this one!

              We will be randoming 1 spot off as a bonus to all people that claim a spot via the website!  So 29 random teams available in this break.


              Details in infographic below:

              Please comment in this post below to claim a spot, 29 random teams in total, no limit for number of spots.

              Please make payment to account below and use name and Break Number as a reference:
              Sportcodex Ltd. ASB 12-3115-0229538-00

              For more information about how our Breaks work along with shipping etc, please follow this link:


              Spot List:

              1. James Robinson $$

              2. Dylan Claxton 

              3. Jared Priest 

              4. Kenny Starr $$

              5. Kenny Starr $$

              6. Taurewa taiapa $$

              7. Scott Van Den Bosch $$

              8. James Robinson $$

              9. Willard Sunnex $$

              10. Willard Sunnex $$

              11. Marney Rennie $$

              12. Marney Rennie $$

              13. Jared Priest 

              14. Murray Munro 

              15. Alyssa Sinclair 

              16. Taurewa Taiapa $$

              17. Ricky Tippett

              18. Ricky Tippett

              19. Ricky Tippett

              20. Jared Priest

              21. Toby Wells $$

              22. Jamie Taylor $$

              23. Jared Priest

              24. Jared Priest

              25. Jared Priest

              26. Jared Priest

              27. Jared Priest

              28. Dan Davies 

              29. Jared Priest 

                • If you haven't already, make sure to join to watch the break when full

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                  • Number 22 please

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                    • Thanks mate!

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                    • Break is FULL! Emails have been sent,keep posted in the FB group

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                      • Hey guys. To those of you who aren’t in the Facebook group, I will be running the videos for the 30th spot and the $30 break credit tomorrow (also potentially the random for teams but that’s to be confirmed) and the break will be Tuesday night around 9pm.

                        Thanks to all who jumped in. Much appreciated guys

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                        • For those of you not on Facebook (or in the Facebook group), here is the team list for the break:

                          James Robinson - New York Knicks

                          Dylan Sullivan - LA Clippers

                          Jared Priest - Sacramento Kings

                          Kenny Starr - New Orleans Pelicans

                          Kenny Starr - Milwaukee Bucks

                          Taurewa Taiapa - Phoenix Suns

                          Scott Van Den Bosch - Chicago Bulls

                          James Robinson - Golden State Warriors

                          Willard Sunnex - Philadelphia 76ers

                          Willard Sunnex - Utah Jazz

                          Marney Rennie - San Antonio Spurs

                          Marney Rennie - Atlanta Hawks

                          Jared Priest - Indiana Pacers

                          Em Jays - Boston Celtics

                          Alyssa Sinclair - Dallas Mavericks

                          Taurewa Taiapa - LA Lakers

                          Ricky Tippett - Washington Wizards

                          Ricky Tippett - Houston Rockets

                          Ricky Tippett - Cleveland Cavaliers

                          Jared Priest - Miami Heat

                          Toby Wells - Denver Nuggets

                          Jamie Taylor - Oklahoma City Thunder

                          Jared Priest - Minnesota Timberwolves

                          Jared Priest - Toronto Raptors

                          Jared Priest - Memphis Grizzlies

                          Jared Priest - Brooklyn Nets

                          Jared Priest - Charlotte Hornets

                          Dan Davies - Portland Trail Blazers

                          Jared Priest - Orlando Magic.

                          James Robinson - Detroit Pistons

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                          Here we go for Cardcodex's first break featuring a 2017-18 Hobby Box!

                          Details in infographic below:


                          Please comment in this post below to claim a spot, 30 random teams in total, no limit for number of spots.

                          Please make payment to account below and use name and Break Number as a reference:
                          Sportcodex Ltd. ASB 12-3115-0229538-00

                          For more information about how our Breaks work along with shipping etc, please follow this link:



                          1. James Robinson $

                          2. Matthew Spraggs $

                          3. BMC $

                          4. Carter McDonald $

                          5. Simon Carr $

                          6. Dion wharepapa $

                          7. Jamie Taylor $

                          8. Joshua Wiechern $

                          9. Jhaquinn Materoa $

                          10. Jhaquinn Materoa $

                          11. Tyler Materoa $

                          12. Dylan Sullivan $

                          13. Jared Priest $

                          14. Alatise VAIOUGA $

                          15. Jahkel wiremu kingi timohy mita $

                          16. Peter Zwarenkant $

                          17. Trevor Durry $

                          18. Dan Davies $

                          19. Ryan Majstrovic $

                          20. Marney Rennie $

                          21. Tyler Materoa $

                          22. Jamie Taylor $

                          23. BMC $

                          24. Jared Priest $

                          25. Nathan Iafeta $

                          26. Ryan Majstrovic $

                          27. Jared Priest $

                          28. Alyssa Sinclair $

                          29. Jared Priest $

                          30. Murray Munro $

                            • 11 & 21 please

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                              • Thanks Tyler 

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                              • Spot number 30 for me please.

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                                • Thanks mate 👍 

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                                • BREAK is Full! Thanks everybody for jumping in

                                  Account to pay is:

                                  Sportcodex Ltd. ASB 12-3115-0229538-00

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                                  • Any spots left ?

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                                    • Sorry Dene Elliott break is full, will have another one up soon

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                                    • Break live in 10 mins on the FB Group

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